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Beware: 5 Serious Dangers of Mail-Order Clear Aligners

July 11, 2022

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Back in the day, the go-to teeth-straightening solution was traditional braces. While this orthodontic treatment continues to be reliable and effective, many patients are drawn to more discreet solutions, like Invisalign. Unfortunately, however, the same patients are the ones who mail-order clear aligner brands target. With a low upfront price and a big marketing budget, these companies have managed to sell people on their products while hiding the serious dangers of their treatment. To learn a few serious risks of opting for mail-order clear aligners, read on!

Danger #1: No Comprehensive Exam

The dangers of mail-order clear aligners start at the very beginning by bypassing a comprehensive exam. Invisalign requires this step because it’s of the utmost importance that serious oral health concerns, like gum disease, aren’t present before beginning treatment. Conditions like these can compromise your results, negatively impact your oral health, and even lead to serious complications, like tooth loss. In short, skipping a comprehensive exam saves them money but increases your chances of a dental emergency.

Danger #2: DIY Impressions

At first, DIY impressions may seem like a benefit. After all, you can do it from home – no appointment needed! However, it’s extremely important that a skilled dental professional takes your impressions. Completing them on your own leaves a lot of room for mistakes, and since the impressions are essentially the foundation your treatment plan is built on, this approach is quite risky.

Danger #3: There Is No Backing from Professional Organizations

Professional organizations, like the American Dental Association and the American Association of Orthodontists, serve several important purposes, one of which is that they help review the validity and safety of products for the public. As you might have guessed, these organizations have lodged complaints against mail-order clear aligners due to their alleged unlawful practice of dentistry. Note: many former patients have followed suit, sharing their horror stories of worsened alignment, damaged teeth, and the like.

Danger #4: You May End Up Spending More Money in the Long Run

As mentioned, several patients have experienced worsened misalignment and serious dental injuries from using mail-order clear aligners. So, there is a good chance you won’t end up saving money. In fact, you may spend more money than you would’ve if you started with Invisalign.

Danger #5: Aligners Aren’t for Everyone

This circles back to the first point: that there isn’t a comprehensive initial exam with mail-order clear aligners. Bypassing this results in mail-order aligner brands approving patients who both are and aren’t a good fit. Remember, more severe misalignment and bite concerns may require traditional braces, and opting for clear aligners instead can have serious complications.

Your smile is one of your most important features, so don’t gamble it on mail-order clear aligners in an attempt to save a buck. Not only can you potentially end up spending more money, but you may damage your teeth in the process!

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